We aim all round development of the children which connect academically, physically and spiritually.

Principal Message

The entire fabric of any modern and progressive country is built upon the quality, dedication, competency and commitment of teachers. The quality of a teacher to a large extent depends on the quality of teacher education received by him /her. Unlike any other professional higher education courses meant for doctors, engineers and lawyers, the professional educational course for teachers is short in duration and limited in exposing the teacher trainees to the practical aspects of classroom teaching in varied school contexts. So there are possibilities of missing the intellectual excitement - such as enthusiasm, knowledge, inspiration, academic rigor, professionalism etc. etc

The major challenges in Teacher Education may be classified as pedagogical obligation, Globalization and professionalisation. The pedagogical obligation encompasses curriculum design, instructional strategies, assessment techniques and classroom management strategies. These crucial areas in Teacher Education need more attention. Emerging global issues such as healthcare, economic development, economic interdependence, environmental quality, universal human rights, ethnic enmities, peace education, value education etc., can be given more importance in the core subjects. Developing commitment to attain professional excellence encompassed by professional ethics can be an essential component of Teacher education programs, so as to help this discipline regain the status and honour of being the noblest profession and to help the teachers regain their confidence and respect of the country. The innovations in Teacher Education need to be conceptualized according to the need situation, so as to benefit both the teacher as a competent professional and also the society.

To understand the emerging challenges in Teacher Education, to bring awareness to all who are engaged in Teacher Education and to recognize the significant roles the teacher educators have to play today, Subham College of Education provides an open platform to teachers and teacher educators for discussion.

I am sure, this noble institution would go a long way in helping the teacher educators and student community to face the challenges of Teacher Education successfully.

I do gratefully acknowledge the supports and encouragement of our Chairman ,Secretary and Treasurer and other trust members of our college.

Dr.Mrs.D.Jasmin Sujatha , M.Sc(Zoo).,M.Ed.,M.Phil., M.Sc(Psy).,NET(Edu),Ph.D. Principal

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