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The aim of the Umra Kavar Educational Trust is “LIVE AND LET LIVE”. The motto of Subham College of Education is The images, the lotus and the lamp emblazoned on the motto symbolize the vision and mission of the college. The lotus represents the power of love and the lamp suggests the power of knowledge and education that should nurture and promote love to survive and build an egalitarian society based on justice, equality, freedom and harmony through our teacher- trainees, extension service and research.


To train well–motivated teachers, who will be intellectually competent, morally upright, socially committed, emotionally balanced and spiritually inspired, in order to become instruments of social transformation, and to find new ways and means for teaching– learning process. To provide education to Indian youth to face the challenges of tomorrow. VALUES

The vision and mission of our institution gives importance for the values such as,

Course Content

  • Citizenship
  • Secularism
  • National integration
  • Character building
  • Awareness of Social issues
  • Value imbibitions for social transformation
  • Academic excellence and integrity
  • Outstanding teaching and service
  • Integration of teaching , research and service
  • Individual and collective excellence
  • Global out look